Tunbridge Wells

Tree Surgery in Tunbridge Wells | Key Domestic Service Benefits

Because our tree surgeons cover all major locations in London, Kent and the South of England, Marchant Tree Care can deliver a key range of benefits to domestic customers in the Tunbridge Wells area. Tree work is something of a passion for our company, and our services cover everything from tree removals to stump grinding. We already have a sizeable number of homeowners in our customer portfolio who trust us implicitly with their tree surgery and arboricultural needs.

We operate in a safe, ethical and sustainable manner to benefit domestic property owners, their land spaces and the environment. Tree removals make gardens safer and clear the way for new landscaping themes. Crown thinning and crown reductions, two of the most common forms of tree work, benefit the tree itself and other plant species around your home. Stump grinding stops the spread of bacteria and removes tripping hazards.

All work undertaken by our tree surgeons benefit the customer and the environment in one way or another.

This page looks at tree surgery in a broader sense, and it also explains how our tree work not only makes garden spaces in Tunbridge Wells safer, but also turns your home into a better place to live.


Tree removals deal with diseased, damaged and decaying specimens that impact the visual appeal of your domestic landscape. Kerb appeal matters if you plan to sell a property in the near future, so some formative tree work could add to the appearance of a garden and create an instant first impression on potential buyers with an interest in your home.

Domestic tree surgery is all about the maintenance of healthier, better-looking gardens in Tunbridge Wells, and adding a cheerful aesthetic that people instantly notice.

Our tree surgeons offer one-off, contract and seasonal services to help you drum up interest in a sale, or to create outdoor spaces for you to personally enjoy.


Some tree surgery services, and tree removals and stump grinding in particular, place a strong focus on customer safety. A decayed or diseased tree could fall at any time to damage your home or to harm those living in or around it. Our tree surgeons can use directional felling and sectional dismantling techniques to remove them, and innovative stump grinding machinery to clear the land of trunk remnants that present a tripping hazard.

Other forms of tree work, such as deadwood removal and some types of formative pruning, remove individual limbs that could be a danger to customers in Tunbridge Wells, but which still preserve the appearance and the integrity of the tree as a whole.

Property Value

A beautiful, well laid-out landscape adds value to a home – either in a financial sense for those looking to sell, or in an emotional sense for those who love where they live. Some basic tree surgery to add shape to an overgrown tree does wonders for your property’s visual appearance while other types of tree work, such as thinning or reducing the crown, benefit remaining limbs in the canopy and provide more sunlight for plants on the surrounding land.

Tree removal and stump grinding services remove unhealthy specimens from your Tunbridge Wells property, and both leave you with more clear space to develop a hard or soft landscape that could spike the value of your home significantly.

Your investment into choosing us as your preferred tree surgeons today could have huge financial benefits should you ever come to sell your property in the future.

Comfort and Practicality

Any homeowner in the Tunbridge Wells area with mature trees in the garden will tell you how pleasant they are to look at, and how they add vital shade for sitting outside or provide cover for other plant species. Tree surgery promotes the health of younger trees today so that we can enjoy the benefits of mature trees tomorrow. We always build our tree work services around preservation to add more shade and comfort to outdoor space.

Tree removal and stump grinding service are normally last measures which we undertake to keep people and property safe. Wherever possible, however, our tree surgeons look for practical solutions which preserve the status of otherwise healthy specimens.