Tree Work in Sevenoaks | Customer Questions

One of the things to set Marchant Tree Care apart from other tree surgery companies in the Sevenoaks area is a customer-focused approach to service. We understand that tree work, tree removals and stump grinding aren’t necessarily familiar topics to most people. To bridge the gap in knowledge, our LANTRA and NPTC accredited tree surgeons always offer detailed information on our services during an initial consultation, survey and report.

Some prospective customers in Sevenoaks come to us with questions in emails or queries over the telephone. This page answers some of those enquiries, and provides a valuable insight not just into our services, but also into our company as a whole.

Why might I need to consider tree surgery?

Unsurprisingly, a sizeable number of customers in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas come to us for tree work when native species in their gardens, grounds or woodland become unmanageable or unsafe. Qualified tree surgeons perform the required work in a safe and controlled manner. We advise all customers and clients to leave tree work to the professionals not just for their own welfare, but also for the benefit of the tree (or trees).

Disease and decay are other good reasons for needing tree surgery. Should we need to carry out a tree removal for either issue, we can also perform stump grinding at the same time.

Which types of tree work do you undertake?

On younger trees, much of our work focuses on formative pruning. It is much better for a tree if we make smaller cuts that heal over completely to control growth. This isn’t always the case with mature trees, but our tree surgeons still manage the size and shape of native species through tree surgery practices such as crown reduction, thinning and lifting.

Because Sevenoaks is a leafy area with a large number of trees, we also offer a coppicing service that helps to control growth and promote light in densely populated woodland.

Is a tree removal safe if I live in a nearby property?

Yes. Marchant Tree Care mainly uses two different tree removal techniques. The first is directional felling. This is something you may have seen tree surgeons performing on the television. Strategic cuts into the trunk of a damaged or diseased tree create a hinge. The hinge controls the direction in which the tree falls. This particular type of tree surgery works best where there is a clear area for a tree to fall and no nearby properties for it to damage.

The other type of tree work we specialise in for removals in the Sevenoaks area is sectional dismantling. This is where a climber removes limbs from the bottom up and lowers them to the floor with a rope and pulley system to a ground crew. The climber finishes the tree removal by cutting the remaining stem from the top to the bottom to leave just a stump.

Is stump grinding essential or can I leave remnants in the ground?

Our tree surgeons recommend stump grinding wherever possible. Most local tree surgery companies in Sevenoaks, including our own, leave part of the trunk above ground level after a removal in case home or landowners wants it removed at a later date. The downside of any tree removal project is a leftover stump that not only poses as a tripping hazard, but which also harbours harmful diseases (such as honey fungus), insect infestations and rot.

Stump grinding reduces remnants to subfloor level and leaves a fine sawdust that our tree surgeons can use to fill in the remaining hole. For those who have landscaping plans for a piece of land, tree removals and stump grinding leave the way clear for future development.

Can your tree surgeons help me in an emergency?

Yes. Marchant Tree Care offers a responsive service to deal with emergency tree work, especially after periods of adverse weather and strong wind. We see the preservation of property and woodland as important but nothing comes before the safety of our valued customers in the Sevenoaks area. Emergency tree surgery covers everything from the stripping of dangerous or damaged branches individually, to a complete tree removal.

In emergencies, our tree surgeons work outside of normal hours. For non-emergency work after storms and high winds, please contact us on our usual number to arrange a survey, consultation and quotation – always on an obligation-free basis at fair, competitive prices.