Tree Removal in Orpington | Felling and Stump Grinding Operations

Booking in for a tree removal with Marchant Tree Care isn’t just about felling alone, although it does have an obvious role to play. The tree work, should you require it, will also include removal of the remnants using specialist stump grinding machinery. Our tree surgeons have experience in both, and they carry the appropriate accreditations and licenses to prove it. We cover all aspects of tree surgery, and all locations in London, Kent and the South of England including nearby Orpington.

There are two tree surgery practices associated with tree removal; directional felling and sectional dismantling. With a directional fell, our tree surgeons make cuts into the trunk to create a hinge and this guides the tree towards a clear area of land in a safe manner. Sectional dismantling is a form of tree work where we cut and remove limbs from the top downwards, lowering them to the ground with a rope and pulley system.

In effect, we dismantle the tree piece by piece.

Both forms of tree surgery leave a stump, and this can block the way to further land development at your Orpington site. Stumps also present a tripping hazard, especially to children, and can harbour pests and bacteria that have a negative impact on other tree and plant species. Stump grinding takes these remnants down to sub-floor level.

Our tree surgeons use chainsaws and stump grinding machinery that run on biodegradable oils to protect the environment for tomorrow’s future generations.

  • Before deciding on the correct tree removal process, Marchant Tree Care inspects land around your Orpington property, estimates the fall range and makes provisions for safe felling or dismantling.
  • When using directional felling as a form of tree surgery, we take the natural lean of the tree into account and determine where it will fall. Our tree surgeons look for signs of decay that could affect this fall.
  • Safe tree work is our key strength so, when we decide upon a directional fell, we always plan an escape route for our personnel and take nearby buildings and landscaping themes into account to minimise damage.
  • Our tree surgeons fell or dismantle the specimen to complete the tree removal phase of the project. Marchant Tree Care cuts the felled tree into small segments, which makes it easier to remove from site.
  • Stump grinding begins on land in Orpington once we have a clear working area for our machinery. This is a mechanical process that minimises land impact, and one that is faster than digging out the roots.

At Marchant Tree Care, our tree surgeons combine safe tree removal and stump grinding practices to pave the way for building, development and landscaping. All tree work undertaken by our company meets current LANTRA and NPTC guidelines. When you use us to fulfil your tree surgery requirements, you do so in the knowledge that we have an impeccable safety record and an ethical approach that’s built around environmental sustainability.