Tree Removal in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and the Surrounding Areas | Safe Tree Work

One of our areas of expertise is tree removal, and this is a service we provide for domestic customers, and commercial clients, in Sevenoaks, Kent, London and the South of England. Only use qualified tree surgeons for tree removal. Our personnel have LANTRA and NPTC accreditation, and the training required to perform this type of tree work in a safe, controlled manner. Tree surgery is a skilled occupation and something very few people know how to do themselves.

Marchant Tree Care always consults with the customer to find the best remedy for native species in the Sevenoaks area. We are now looking to grow our business locally, and we welcome enquiries from new customers in nearby Tonbridge.

We might recommend tree removal as a solution for any of the following issues, but we always preserve wherever possible:

  • The tree is dead, unhealthy or shows signs of disease or decay
  • The tree has suffered damaged from recent storms and is beyond repair
  • The tree has roots or branches which encroach onto property or utility lines
  • The tree leans in a dangerous direction, such as onto a property or play area
  • The tree blocks a view, creates too much shade or inhibits plant growth
  • The tree blocks a pathway or inhibits future plans for land development
  • The tree drops needles, sap, seeds, fruit or branches to cause inconvenience

Other reasons for tree removal which might not be as obvious as those listed above include interior decay, formation of a bad crotch, trunk cracks, infestations and overcrowding. Our tree surgeons evaluate problems at your Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Kent, London or South of England property carefully.

We produce a comprehensive survey and a detailed report of the type (or types) of tree work you need. Marchant Tree Care never recommends tree surgery, and tree felling in particular, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Directional Tree Felling

Most of our customers have seen directional felling in practice, usually on TV. This is a traditional tree removal process which we use when the falling tree poses no threat to nearby properties, surrounding woodland or members of the public. Tree surgeons make vertical and horizontal cuts to stump height and repeat them on the other side of the tree. After clearing the notch, tree surgeons make bore cuts on both sides to create a hinge.

The hinge dictates the direction in which the tree falls. Understandably, this type of tree surgery requires careful planning and execution. This explains why you should always use a trained arborist to fell a tree.

We take the welfare of our Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Kent, London and South of England customers seriously. We only opt for directional tree removal when it is 100% safe to do so.

Image of a man looking at a tree

Image of two trees

Sectional Dismantling

In areas where the presence of properties, barns, woodland and other potential hazards could result in damage, our tree surgeons use a sectional dismantling process. This form of tree surgery uses a climber to access the highest part of the tree and to install lines and pulleys. Dismantling most often starts at the lowest branch.

We perform tree removals of this kind safely by lowering cut limbs to the ground with care and precision. With a ground crew in place, tree work continues until we’ve removed all branches. At this point, the climber brings down the stem, from the top, in sections.

Again, our ground crew lowers removed material to floor level in a controlled manner to prevent shock loading; something that could have disastrous consequences on properties in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge or the South of England.

If you require tree removal services and would like a free survey and consultation, without obligation, please contact us today. We’ll arrange a personal visit at a time convenient to your diary. Marchant Tree Care also offers an emergency tree surgery and felling service.