Hedge Cutting in Orpington | Located in Sevenoaks, Kent

Domestic or commercial, Marchant Tree Care offers a hedge cutting service, which you can book in advance, for the upcoming season. Our company welcomes enquiries for small and large-scale work, and for all native hedge species. We offer detailed cutting and trimming, alongside practical advice, to deliver a service you can rely on.

Located in Sevenoaks, Marchant Tree Care provides hedge trimming services in nearby Orpington and the surrounding areas we cover across Kent. With our manpower, resources and experience, we also fulfil contracts in London and across the South of England.

Please contact us on 07585 447172 to make a booking.


Professional Arborists

We use trained and accredited arborists to prune, trim and cut hedges for everybody, from private homeowners to businesses. This includes work on a contract basis for schools and local authorities. Our team happily works on smaller shrubs and hedges, and we are especially adept in bringing overgrown hedges back under control, making movement around your home or business easier.

If maintenance is too difficult, if you have urgent hedge trimming needs, or if you want to remove a hedge completely, we can help. We also plant and replant hedges to give property owners in Orpington, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas a more versatile range of solutions, tailored to exact needs.

Because we understand that busy lifestyles, not owning the correct tools and physical limitations can all impact maintenance, Marchant Tree Care helps with the following:

  • Hedge Cutting and Shaping

  • Formative Pruning

  • Trimming and Thinning

  • Deadwood Removal

  • Removal and Replanting

Hedge Cutting and Maintenance at Scheduled Intervals

For most species, we recommend hedge cutting on a biannual basis (twice yearly) to keep them well-maintained and in a healthy condition – something you can preserve with continuous care. Should you have hedges in difficult-to-reach areas, this won’t be a problem. Our personnel have access to specialist tools and equipment, and the training required to use them safely.

We visit properties in Sevenoaks and Orpington, as well as those across Kent, London and Southern England, to provide a hedge maintenance and cutting service for all species:

Beech – Box – Cedar – Conifer – Deciduous – Evergreens – Hornbeam – Leylandii – Low-Growing – Privet – Willow – Yew

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A Word on Native Bird Species

Regulations exist for mature hedgerows to make sure hedge cutting causes no harm to native bird species or their nests. This is why we only undertake some types of cutting and trimming seasonally, usually before March and after August. The time between March and August is the main breeding season for many bird species. The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) makes it an offence to damage, destroy or remove a nest.

It also forbids taking, injuring and killing adult birds or chicks, and intentionally taking or destroying eggs.If you suspect you have nesting birds at your property during our main hedge trimming season, please let us know. We’ll carry out a full inspection of your hedges, and we will advise you on what the next course of safe and ethical action should be.

Responsibility for Hedge Cutting

The size and condition of hedges can often cause disagreements between neighbours. If a boundary hedge forms the perimeter of two or more properties, it is the joint responsibility of all neighbours to keep that hedge maintained. All persons must agree on major hedge work, such as laying, removal or coppicing. We even recommend reaching a joint consensus on hedge trimming work.

If a neighbour’s hedge encroaches onto your property, you only have the right to cut anything that crosses the boundary line. Your neighbour must ask your permission if they, or a service provider, needs to cut any part of the hedge on your property. 

We remind customers in Orpington, Sevenoaks and the neighbouring areas that any hedge cutting work agreed between property owners which impacts the welfare of birds, nests or eggs still breaches the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).

Call Marchant Tree Care on 07585 447172. We cover Orpington, Sevenoaks and Southern England as accredited arborists with a complete range of hedge cutting services.