Tree Pruning in Orpington | Tree Work in Sevenoaks, Kent

The field of tree surgery usually falls into two different areas. Many visualise tree surgeons using chainsaws to clear large swathes of land. However, we feel this misrepresents our sector. Most tree work undertaken by Marchant Tree Care places its focus on maintenance and preservation, especially in the case of healthy, undamaged specimens.

While tree removal is sometimes unavoidable, our day-to-day work in Orpington, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas deals with smaller issues such as overhanging branches, seasonal maintenance, tree pruning and hedge cutting. Whenever we do have to perform a removal, our tree surgeons try to sustain the local environment; if possible, by planting a new tree. 

Ethics like these are the cornerstone of our company.

Below, we look at some of the different tree work our team specialises in:

  • Coppicing

  • Formative Pruning

  • Crown Lifting

  • Crown Reduction

  • Crown Thinning

  • Pollarding

  • Tree Planting



This type of tree work encourages the growth of new shoots from the stump and is a practice favoured by tree surgeons when maintaining dense woodland. There are various techniques involved, all of which result in a sustainable timber source and fast-growing saplings.

We use pure coppice (one species), mixed coppice (multiple species) and coppice with standards (scattered species) methods.

Formative Pruning

In order to encourage the healthy growth of a tree, it’s essential to protect it during its formative years. Once a new tree’s roots have been established, we will manage its development with regular and precise tree pruning techniques. Smaller cuts to younger saplings cause less damage than larger ones to more mature trees. 

Formative tree pruning can extend a tree’s lifespan, improve its shape, size and overall orientation.

Crown Lifting

If a tree in Orpington or Sevenoaks has grown to a size where manoeuvrability around it has become an issue, our tree surgeons at Marchant Tree Care will removed branches and deadwood from its lower half, essentially lifting its crown. This is carried out in a safe and controlled manner, particularly if the tree is in a public area. 

The benefits of crown lifting are improved views and light transfer, easier movement around the base of the tree, and overall better health.

Crown Reduction

This form of tree work involves the removal of deadwood and branches from the upper part of the tree, but is done so to a predetermined percentage. By pruning this area, the tree’s canopy size is reduced in order to avoid weight imbalances which could cause obstructions or potential injury. 

We never reduce tree crowns in Orpington, Sevenoaks, London, Kent or the south of England by more than 30%.

Crown Thinning

Similar to crown reduction, thinning involves the removal of branches and dead limbs. This is done without changing the overall shape of the crown, however, and encourages natural growth whilst maintaining the tree’s overall aesthetic. The process will promote light transfer and air circulation. 

If you’re looking for a crown thinning service, or advice about any form of tree work, call our tree surgeons today on 07585 447172.


An essential part of our tree surgery services, pollarding involves the removal of a tree’s upper limbs in order to promote denser foliage following regrowth. Guaranteed to extend lifespan as a result of this thicker regrowth, the process is performed whilst the tree is in its formative years.

As the tree’s overall growth is restricted, this is an annual service we offer to clients who wish to keep their trees at a particular height.

Tree Planting

Whether planting trees for new developments in Orpington, or replacing ones we’ve had to remove in Sevenoaks, Marchant Tree Care is dedicated to the continuous development of our natural environment and ecosystems. Tree planting improves air quality, removing dust and pollutants which are harmful to all. 

We supply a wide range of saplings to suit your requirements, including coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees, as well as hedging plants.

Call Marchant Tree Care on 07585 447172. We carry out innovative tree pruning and other works for clients in Orpington, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.