Stump Grinding in Sevenoaks and the Surrounding Areas

Following tree removal projects in Sevenoaks or the surrounding Kent, London and South of England areas, or after a tree falls naturally, our tree surgeons strongly recommend removal of the stump. In doing so, domestic customers and commercial clients avoid issues with suckering and fungal rotting. Using the machinery available to our tree surgeons, such as stump grinding equipment, Marchant Tree Care eliminates the hazards and concerns associated with stump remnants.

Stump removal is a skill that has widespread appeal in many different locations, and we are now looking to grow this particular service in the nearby Orpington and Tunbridge Wells areas.

It is possible to leave stumps in the ground but this often leads to problems, especially when suckering occurs and new shoots stem from the trunk or roots. While dead stumps won’t produce suckers, they do harbour diseases such as honey fungus. Our tree surgeons believe it isn’t worth the risk, and recommend stump grinding as a preventative form of tree work.

We can reduce or remove stumps from properties in Sevenoaks, Kent, London or the South of England at any time, even immediately after a tree removal project. In fact, it is more convenient to deal with stumps as soon after a removal as possible because our tree surgeons won’t need to pay you a second visit. It also means we can provide an inclusive quote for all tree surgery required.

Image of a man climbed to top of tree
Image of a man climbed to top of tree

Removing Stumps | Physical Stump Removal

Some tree surgeons use chemical treatments but, in the interests of the environment, we recommend the entire physical removal of stump remnants. Stump grinding achieves a full removal but we do have other measures at our disposal which always produce satisfactory results. Stumps from small trees in Sevenoaks, Kent, London and Southern England lift quite easily with a winch. It is better for the preceding tree work to leave a stump of 4ft in height to give good leverage.

Mini excavators also play an important role in modern tree surgery methods, especially as they remove the vast majority of the root system as well as the tree trunk itself.

Stump grinding machinery produces the best results of all and this is why so many tree surgeons choose it ahead of other removal methods. A stump grinder physically reduces tree remnants to sub-ground level to leave a fine sawdust (which some tree surgeons and landscapers use to create mulch). While stump grinding leaves some of the roots in the grounds of Sevenoaks, Kent, London and South of England properties, remnants eventually rot without fungus problems.

Shallow stump grinding takes remnants down to a depth of approximately 8 to 10 inches but, should you wish to landscape the surrounding land in the future, our tree surgeons recommend grinding the stump down to a depth of approximately 12 inches. The sawdust created from stump grinding, like topsoil, is perfect for filling most of the hole that remains.

The benefits of stump grinding as a tree work process include:

  • Enhancing the space and aesthetics of properties in and around Sevenoaks
  • Removal of unsightly tripping hazards for greater convenience and safety
  • Eradicates problems with insect infestations, rot and diseases
  • Fewer opportunities for suckering to occur and less maintenance needed
  • Leaves grounds and woodland clear of obstructions and ready for development

Don’t forget that Marchant Tree Care is now growing its business in Orpington and Tunbridge Wells, and we would love to hear from you if you have stump grinding needs of your own.